Supra: A Toast To All Souls 

Guests joined our fellows for a Shabbat dinner and Georgian Supra – a traditional banquet feast. During Halloween, or the liturgical celebrations of All Souls and All Saints Day, Christians around the world take time to remember their departed, commemorating their leadership, sacrifices, and acknowledging the shoulders we stand on today. Our community member Nika served as our “tamada” or toastmaster, leading several rounds of toasts for God, departed loved ones, and hope. In the country Georgia, toasting is more than a simple cheers – it is a nuanced rhetorical art form, and a celebration of past, present, and tomorrow. This was an emotional return to scheduled programming after the violence that erupted in Israel and Gaza. There were two Israeli community members and one Palestinian community member present. It was an emotional evening but also a joyful one as our community came together to toast to their shared hope for peace.