The Abrahamic House Fellow

The Abrahamic House Fellow is an emerging leader and community builder who is looking to create a meaningful interfaith community for themselves as well as the community at large through a multi-faith, co-living, co-learning and co-creating space. A fellow seizes the opportunity of the Abrahamic House to learn, share, pray, celebrate, connect and serve in order to challenge and transform faith-based assumptions, prejudices and inequities with the goal to inspire and mobilize others to do the same. A fellow is committed to change and peace building and embraces the values that all Abrahamic religions share; peace, justice and compassion. 


  • Applicants must be 21 -35 years of age
  • Applicants must affiliate with a faith community
  • Motivated self-starter with previous experience in leadership positions
  • Required experience and ability to lead and initiate programming and gatherings  
  • Passionate about inter-faith community peace building and community connections
  • Required ability to establish effective and meaningful relationship with fellows, partners and the general public. 
  • Required experience in coordinating, planning, organizing and implementing activities for monthly community and online program development  
  • Required ability to maintain accurate and detailed records for evaluations and reporting
  • Experience of working within the inter-faith and peace-building field highly desirable

The Abrahamic House commits to

  • Subsidy monthly rent up to 75% 
  • Fund all Abrahamic House events and programming
  • Assist fellows in program development and community building efforts
  • Assist in developing and completing the capstone project    
  •  Provide space and opportunity to connect and grow inter-faith communitiesProvide for professional and personal development through training and retreat opportunities.
  • Assist applying gained knowledge and experience to become inter-faith and community leaders
  • Connect and extend professional network opportunities to the non- and for- profit, governmental, and international community and peace-building sector 
  • Provide a platform for social change and peace