“The four roommates, known as “fellows,” maintain their day jobs but agree to live under the same roof in a co-living and co-creating space for one to two years to learn from one another’s traditions and to organize and host interfaith events and programs for the public. Their shared mantra: “gathering not othering.” AP News

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“Four young people of different faiths move into a home together, then a pandemic happens” Religion News Service

“Al Samawi hopes that Abrahamic House will be a place “where [people] can come and we give them the tools to change perspective from ignorance and hate to love and compassion. That’s why God saved my life, to continue doing my message,” he said. “It says in the Quran and the Talmud, ‘Whoever saves a life saves the entire world.’ I hope I will be able to change people’s lives.” Jewish Journal

“The Yom Kippur lesson I learned from a Muslim man” Los Angeles Times

“An interfaith cohousing: living together under the same roof, not by chance, but by choice. And not living in the sense of merely existing side by side, but in that of doing  together: sharing, learning, celebrating. To be flatmates, but also partners who share a common vision: making the “other” a little less other.” JOI MAG

“Trying to bring people together to talk through difference and conflict, the bridge-building profession … it’s one of the fields or realms that is suffering right now,” Ferdman said. “But it’s also an area for innovation and the fellows are doing that —  [discovering] how do you come together across differences, how do you learn together when you can’t physically be together?” The Jewish Journal