What is Abrahamic House? 

Abrahamic House creates a dynamic space to learn, share, celebrate, connect, volunteer, and teach. We achieve this through a unique one to two year-long fellowship and capstone impact project.

The Abrahamic House is a multifaith incubator for social change. We are a co-living, co-learning, and co-creating space to connect, organize, and serve. Our mission is to build sustainable interfaith learning and action across communities in order to foster an environment of respect, justice, and social change. 

Where is the house located? 

For the 2022-23 Fellowship, Abrahamic House is located in Washington DC.

How are the fellows selected? 

Interested individuals are asked to please fill out the application form on our website.

After submission, applicants will be notified as to whether or not they have made it to the next round. Round two consists of pitching an event that you would host as a Fellow of Abrahamic House. Those applicants will then be notified if they have made it to round three where selected candidates are interviewed by the founder and advisory board members. Successful candidates come from diverse religious practices, socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, and have a range of academic and professional experiences.

How many fellows reside in the Abrahamic House? 

Up to 4 fellows live together in the house.

Will I have my own bedroom? 

Yes, each fellow will have their own bedroom. Common rooms are shared with the other fellows.

Are individuals from faiths other than Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’i welcome to apply? 

Yes, we encourage members of all faiths to apply.

How long is the Fellowship? 

The Fellows commit to a year-long fellowship with the possibility to extend for a second year. 

How much of rent is covered? Are any other expenses paid for? 

Rent is covered up to 75% and based on the number of monthly events and programming carried out by the Fellows. All Abrahamic House programming and events costs are fully covered. Time spent on programming and events are not separately compensated. 

When is the move-in date? 

Fellows are expected to move into the Abrahamic House in October 2022.

What types of programming are expected from the fellows? 

Fellows are expected to host 4 events per month, in adherence to the following themes: Rituals and Holidays, Justice and Service, Out of the Box, and Social Nights.

Is the Fellowship a fulltime commitment? 

No. Most Abrahamic House Fellows have full-time professional and/or academic commitments and spend their free time in the evenings and weekends to host interfaith events for their friends, family, and community. Fellows are encouraged to integrate all aspects of their lives with the Abrahamic House experience with the aim to create a safe space for dialogue and meaningful conversations while designing programming that leads to community impact and service.

Is the house furnished? 

The house will be partially furnished with furnishings in the common areas. Fellows are responsible to furnish their own bedrooms. 

Can I bring my spouse/partner?

The Abrahamic House does not accommodate for spouses/partners to reside with Fellows in the house.

Can I have a guest?

Guests are allowed to visit the residence and stay for up to one overnight stay in accordance with prior agreement with the other fellows. Overnight stays beyond one night needs approval from the Abrahamic House admin team.