Guests were invited to celebrate Sukkot with the fellows in their backyard sukkah. Sukkot is a Jewish holiday that honors the harvest and God’s protection in the desert. For seven days, Jews live and eat in a sukkah, a temporary shelter with a natural roof that lets us see the sky and the stars. It reminds us of God’s presence, our dependence on Him, and our duty to welcome guests with hospitality. 

The fellows planned an entire week of activities filled with meaning and fun and invited guests to join them! All events took place inside the sukkah! 

First up they hosted an amazing crew of dedicated community members to help them decorate their Sukkah. The results were gorgeous. We were so impressed with our community’s flare for design!

The next night was grilled cheese night! Guests brought their favorite type of bread for Austen to prepare some golden delicious sandwiches with. All partook in the miracle of melted cheese on bread!

After that the fellows invited their community member Nathan, a Mashgiach or kosher supervisor, to provide some background for their guests about kosher procedures and traditions within Judaism. Everyone also enjoyed some delightful kosher snacks!

On the fourth night things took a more thoughtful turn, as our fellows hosted an intimate group for a Conversation Club on forgiveness. The participants opened their hearts to one another and shared some amazing insights.

Finally, the fellows hosted a movie night where they and their guests watched an Iranian comedy. It was a perfect end to a perfect week of Sukkot and Sukkah-Thon. Thanks so much to everyone who attended!