November: Month of Prayer

As our interfaith relationships continued to be tested by the war in Gaza and Israel, our fellows organized a special offering for our community. They organized outings to three separate houses of worship, a mosque, synagogue, and church, to pray for peace and understanding alongside members of these three different faiths.

We must say a special thank you to the imam, rabbi, and priest, who opened their services to our community and made everyone feel so welcome. What was particularly heartwarming, was to meet worshippers at one location, who became inspired by what we were doing, and joined the fellows at their next location. Several Muslim worshippers our fellows met at Yarrow Mamout Masjid for Jummah prayers joined us, later that night, at Sixth and I for Shabbat services and a meal. Then Jewish and Muslim worshippers joined the fellows again on Sunday at St. Matthews Cathedral for mass.

These beautiful expressions of solidarity are exactly what Abrahamic House stands for and works towards. There were moments of extreme emotion and some discomfort, but ultimately the theme of the weekend was a deep sense of connection across differences. It is by coming together, face to face, breaking bread and learning about each other’s humanity, that we will build a better, more harmonious, more peaceful world.