Abrahamic House 2022-2024 Fellowship Closing Celebration

Abrahamic House DC: Paper Plate Awards, Drinks, and Desserts Night!

We held a memorable and heartfelt celebration of the incredible journey Alex, Austen and Daud have shared with the community over these last two years.

We celebrated our community’s unique contributions, quirky moments and unforgettable memories with fun and personalized paper plate awards.

We also indulged in a potluck spread of desserts and drinks, provided by the fellows and our guests, reflected on the experiences, friendships and growth we had experienced together, shared our favorite memories, stories and thoughts as we look back on the last two years, and looked forward to welcoming in a new class of fellows in September.

Our founder and director Mohammed Al Samawi, gave a heartfelt speech congratulating the fellows on a successful fellowship and welcoming them into their new roles as Abrahamic House Ambassadors. Although it was a Sunday, everybody stayed up late dancing together as nobody wanted to say goodbye.