An Abrahamic Dialogue: What’s So Abrahamic About It?

In preparation for Eid al Adha, a Muslim festival that commemorates the sacrifice of Abraham, our fellows took a moment to reflect on the various narrations of Abraham’s sacrifice as recounted in the scriptures of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Each of these religions recounts and interprets Abraham’s sacrifices in different ways, which helps define our understanding of our own faith identities and our interfaith interactions.

In conjunction with OneTable, our fellows held a Shabbat dinner and the latest installment of their Conversation Club series with a very special guest: religious scholar and interfaith dialogue advocate, Rabbi Abraham Skorka. Rabbi Skorka helped our fellows and guests explore how understanding this story from an interfaith perspective can help us better relate to and appreciate our Abrahamic brothers and sisters.

Rabbi Skorka is a religious scholar, educator, and longtime interfaith advocate. In addition to being a leading figure in the Jewish community in Argentina and Latin America, Rabbi Skorka serves as the Senior Research Fellow for Jewish Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations at Georgetown University. Rabbi Skorka is a close friend of Pope Francis, and the two co-authored the book, On Heaven and Earth.