Category Events 20-21

Multi-Faith Devotional

We held a devotional– an informal, virtual space intentionally dedicated to sharing prayers and elevated text. This event’s theme was “grandeur,” a word which means “splendor, might, glory, or greatness,” and is a reference to the Baha’i month (May) that…

April Holiday Celebrations

We came together to celebrate each of our four April holidays: Ramadan, Ridvan, Passover, and Easter. Read about our experience on our blog, and check out our Multi-Faith Holiday Guide here.

Ridvan Care Packages

As an April offering from the Abrahamic House, we sent out Ridvan care packages. Ridvan (pronounced “rez-vawn”) is a 12-day festival celebrated by Baha’is. It commemorates Baha’u’llah’s declaration in the Garden of Ridvan where he proclaimed that he was a…