Artist Talks

The Fellows host a series of Artist Talks throughout the month of November. Each session features two to three artists sharing their work, their practice, and their faith.

Session 1 Featured:
Kaija Sabbah (@kaijasabbah) – Goddess Culture
Christina Rountree – Eyes Closed: Drawing the Missing Ummah
Maribel Valdez Gonzalez – Lesson Planning for Liberation

Session 2 Featured:
Keisha Soleil (The Hood Alchemist) – You could be the greatest story ever told
Jack Pitts – St. Andrew and St. Thomas Insist on the Created World
Elan Gerzon – Weaving in the Middle East and Beyond

Session 3 Featured:
Amanda Maciel Antunes – Reflections on Time
Verenice Berroa-Torres – Nature is here