What is Abrahamic House?

Abrahamic House is a multifaith incubator for social change.

We are co-living, co-learning, and co-creating space to connect, pray, organize, and serve.

We are personal and professional homes to Muslim, Jewish, Baha’i and Christian emerging leaders in cities across the United States impacted by hate violence.

Our fellows challenge and dismantle prejudices and injustices, then transform their communities to do the same.

Each Abrahamic House designs and facilitates unique outreach programs, culminating in a capstone project of modeling service learning with their neighbors.

Our goal is profound: to change both self and community by creating a pluralistic present built on shared experiences. Our vision includes maintaining the positive elements of religious traditions while simultaneously integrating those traditions into an intersectional model of community across faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Four Abrahamic House fellows will share a living and working space for 1-2 years, during which they will be responsible for developing and executing innovative community engagement programs, including group learning, faith-based and social events, and public service.

These activities are opportunities to deepen understanding of each other’s faith, culture, and values. Programs will aim to prevent hate, violence, and marginalization by building community. Since we aim to be of service to the communities in which Abrahamic House resides, programs will simultaneously seek to engage our neighbors and to support the needs of underserved and vulnerable communities.