The Abrahamic House is a multifaith co-living and co-creating space to learn, share, pray, celebrate, connect, and serve. We challenge assumptions, prejudices and inequities, then we inspire and mobilize others to do the same. This is achieved by the Abrahamic Houses hosting emerging interfaith leaders for 1-2 years in cities across the United States.

Fellows design and facilitate programming together, culminating in a capstone service project. Leaders will engage an extensive network of residents in their urban community through accessible-to-all programs and interactive events.

A Month in the life of Abrahamic House

You Say Jumma, I Say Shabbat

* Weekly communal praying, fasting, resting, prophetic stories and daily practices about our holy weekends


* Strategy teach-ins on organizing and intervention against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

* Service projects focusing on meeting defined needs of marginalized neighbors facing racism, immigration challenges, homelessness, abuse, etc.

Out of the Box

* Potlucks and chat-n-chews about being LGBTQ in a Muslim, Jewish or Christian community; Understanding Shia, Sunni, and Sufi components of Islam; the histories of Sephardic, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi identity.

* Recognizing and debunking racism within our own communities.

Yalla Nights

* Film screenings and musical performances from countries across the world.

* Traditional cooking classes.

* Open-Mics.

* Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish language exchanges open to the community.

Joint Holiday Celebrations

* Passover in a Mosque, Iftar in a Synagogue and Christmas in a Temple.

* Outreach to Buddhist, B'Hai, and Hindu communities to provide support for other neighbors.

* Creating an inclusive culture of curiosity, learning, and excitement about the religious practices of all members of our society.