Welcome to the inaugural Abrahamic House. We, the fellows, are excited to share our gatherings, events, and reflections with you.

Upcoming Events

Join the Fellows for a series of three Sunday afternoon Artist Salons in November. Each session will feature two to three artists sharing their work, their practice, and their faith. We are still looking for artists to feature–apply below!

Multi-Faith Holiday Guide

From Passover to Easter and Ramadan to Ridvan, the first month of multi-faith observance in the Abrahamic House was primed to be potent.

And yet, here we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Instead of being able to welcome guests into our home to share the best of the traditions we love, we find ourselves separated from our communities, deprived of everyday pleasures, left to do little more than tend our garden in the faith that new life will yet bloom.

Therefore, the Fellows of the Abrahamic House have created this resource–an e-zine, if you will–to share the history, significance, and practices of the religious observances we’d hoped to commemorate together with you.
We hope through these writings you’ll be inspired to learn more about a new tradition and maybe even something new about your own.

The Fellows’ Blog