Despite stay at home orders coming into effect shortly after they moved into their new homes, the Inaugural Abrahamic House Fellows have been busy planning a myriad of interfaith programs and engagements for surrounding communities in Los Angeles and across the world!

Holiday Celebrations

We came together to celebrate each of our four April holidays: Ramadan, Ridvan, Passover, and Easter. Read about our experience on our blog, and check out our Multi-Faith Holiday Guide here.

Ridvan Care Packages

As an April offering from the Abrahamic House, we sent out Ridvan care packages. Ridvan (pronounced “rez-vawn”) is a 12-day festival celebrated by Baha’is. It commemorates Baha’u’llah’s declaration in the Garden of Ridvan where he proclaimed that he was a prophet from God.

Fasting Symposium

We held a virtual symposium on fasting, featuring speakers discussing fasting in different faith traditions.

A Summit on Faith and Justice

What is the relationship between faith and justice? How can they inform one another? We held a special learning on the intersections of faith and justice.

Multi-Faith Devotional

We held a devotional– an informal, virtual space intentionally dedicated to sharing prayers and elevated text. This event’s theme was “grandeur,” a word which means “splendor, might, glory, or greatness,” and is a reference to the Baha’i month (May) that the event falls in.

Film Screening: A Prayer Beyond Borders

We launched a new film series with a screening of resident Ala’ Khan’s short film, “A Prayer Beyond Borders.” We watched the film together and heard from the filmmakers and community leaders about their work on the US Border.

Multi-Faith Feminism All Night

In honor of the Jewish holiday of Shavout – a holiday that marking the celebration of wisdom by staying up all night to learn – we held a Multi-Faith Feminism All Night featuring workshops on feminism from all over the world.

Spiritual Will-Writing Workshop

One certainty all humans face, regardless of their background, is that one day we will all die. In this two hour interactive online workshop, we learned about established traditions for recording and passing on non-material assets and we explored new approaches to share and preserve the story of our lives.

New Moon Feminist Dance Party

Women, nonbinary, and trans people from all over the world came together for a New Moon celebration! We opened with a ritual / grounding meditation for the solstice and eclipse. And then DJ Lindsay Zae spun tracks from non-cis men artists. Throughout our dance party, we also raised funds for Trans Women of Color Collective.

Cooking with Abrahamic House

Our Fellows joined with The League of Kitchens’ Argentinian instructor, Mirta, to learn how to make pillow-soft gnocchi, fresh pesto sauce, and a zesty oregano, tomato, onion, and avocado salad!

This 2.5 hour online class was a special, meaningful opportunity to share cooking, culture, and connection–just like our real life experiences.

Embodied Meditation

We joined together for an embodied interactive meditation experience that connected us with our heart, mind and body. Together we learned how to be with the anxious mind and how to rest into heartfelt connection.

A Conversation on Grace

We had a Grace-filled conversation, using the model of a Ben Franklin Circle. We explored the meanings behind this powerful virtue and what it looks like to practice Grace as an individual or in community, and we set intentions for living more Grace-fully in the month that followed.