Thank you for all the applications we received for this year! Applications window for 2020 has been closed.

Abrahamic House in Los Angeles

The Abrahamic House creates a dynamic space to learn, share, celebrate, connect, volunteer, and teach. We achieve this through a unique year long fellowship and capstone impact presentation.

Applicants who are chosen for the program will live and work together, while designing and facilitating programming and community projects together for the 12-24 month duration.

The Abrahamic House aims to help break the cycle of fear-hate-violence by cultivating shared and lived experiences and modeling the exchange of ideas. The intention of the program is to create life-changing, profound relationships for individual participants. This project will also provide significant social capital benefits for the wider community in cities with an Abrahamic House, including educating people, fostering respect and justice between communities, and strengthening the human bonds within the community.

2020 fellowship will start on March 1st. 2020.